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How about getting a backpack that does more than storing your essentials? Get your hands on ultra-modern backpack that’s theft proof. It’s more than just your regular backpack.

The sleek and compact structure of this backpack gives you ultimate convenience while travelling. You can do a lot more than just storing your laptop or carrying your essentials.

Convert your backpack into an on-the-go charging station as it is an anti theft backpack with charger port as well. But that’s not all, it’s password protected lock system amplifies the security of your belongings.

With this smartly designed anti theft travel backpack you are assured to get the following features :

  • Multiple compartment backpack with cushioned sleeve for easy carry
  • Lightweight and compact structure hassle-free travels
  • Encrypted Anti theft lock system for maximum security of your belongings
  • External slot for USB charging anti theft backpack
  • Waterproof and scratch resistant material so that everything in it is free from damages
  • Adjustable shoulder strap so that you can carry the backpack as per your convenience
  • Abundant storage space that can fit more than just your laptop

Grab this super sleek anti theft backpack with charger that is ideal for travelling. With smart password lock technology there’s no worry for losing any of your valuable items.

There are plenty of varieties available as per your style and convenience. Choose the best and travel in style without a worry.

Travel Without A Hassle With Anti Theft Backpack