Smart USB Charging Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack Evofine Black 13 Inches
Smart USB Charging Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack Evofine
Smart USB Charging Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack Evofine
Smart USB Charging Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack Evofine Red 17 Inches
Smart USB Charging Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack Evofine

Slim Laptop Backpack - Slimmest Anti Theft Backpack

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Evofine Introduces Cost-Effective Ultra Slim Laptop Backpack!

The contemporary styled laptop backpacks are now in great demand in today’s market. And Evofine leaves no stone unturned to please its customers.

At Evofine, you get a wide collection on ultra slim laptop backpacks packed with tons of benefits. Unlike other laptop bags, they are designed with a USB charging port, allowing the users to charge up their mobile devices instead of hunting for a powerpoint nearby.

At our e-outlet, you get two different styled laptop bags - slim laptop backpack and ultra-slim laptop backpack that are compatible with laptops up to two different sizes 15 and 17 inches.

Features of Evofine’s Laptop Backpack

  1. Designed with external USB charging port
  2. Waterproof body
  3. Comes with anti-theft design
  4. Shockproof material body
  5. Sleek and slim feature
  6. Multiple compartments
  7. Shoulder strap

Benefits of carrying an ultra-slim or slim laptop backpack

  1. Spacious bag: Although Evofine’s ultra slim laptop backpack appears slender, it is extremely spacious from inside. You can easily carry your laptop and other items in your bag without carrying a separate handbag.

  2. Keep you organized: The slim laptop backpack comes with several compartments, keeping you organized every time when you are carrying your backpack. The zippered compartments include front vertical exterior zippered pocket, diagonal stash pocket within the middle compartment and so on.

  3. Make travel hassle-free: As mentioned, our laptop backpacks are waterproof, shockproof, and most importantly thief-proof. It comes with an anti-theft design, preventing the attackers from stealing your stuff. This offers hassle-free travel to everyone.

  4. Available in two prominent sizes: The laptop backpacks are available in two prominent sizes 15 and 17 inches, offering you two different options to make your choice.

  5. Add comfort: Evofine’s slim laptop backpack is designed with padded air mesh back panel. The best thing about this design is it can be removed or adjusted as per your convenience. In a whole, the laptop backpack design offers complete comfort and breathable features.

Are you interested in purchasing a slim laptop backpack at a discounted rate? Don’t miss out on our innovative stock at the e-outlet.