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Introducing the Universal Car Seat Protector – Luxurious, Beautiful, Unique and Long lasting.

Does it seem to you that it’s not possible to keep the upholstery of your car nice when you have small children?
Does your child’s car seat constantly leave dirt and marks on the seat of your car that are impossible to remove?
Tired of your car seats getting dirty, muddy, and scratched?

The baby Car Seat Protector is the answer!!!


  • Customized design fits on the seat of Most Vehicles.
  • Designed with super grip vinyl corners to prevent your baby’s forward or rear facing car seat from slipping.
  • Can be fastened to the seat headrest with an adjustable strap for a secure fit.
  • Stylish black design that will suit any car interior.
  • Premium high-quality 600D polyester material for a good look and super long life

No more having a ripped car seat or endless washing and scrubbing trying to remove the dirt or spending money on a professional cleaning service!

The Car Seat Protector protect your car seats and car upholstery with added convenience. The durable, easy to clean mat works with both forward-facing and rear-facing seats. It has been constructed with high-quality polyester material , which have built in dual grip traction technology to prevent skidding and secure seat into place. The waterproof mat protects your seat and car from spills and messes. While the added mesh allows for easy and convenient storage of snacks, toys, drinks, bottles, wipes and more. This mat is built to work in any type of car with any type of baby seat, and has been crash tested for optimal performance.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today, while supplies last!


Luxury Leather Car Seat Protector

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