Anti Theft Backpack - USB Charging Travel Friendly



All In One Anti Theft Backpack. Exclusive stylish original backpacks with security features made for commuting and travel. 


All In One Anti Theft Backpack. Exclusive stylish original backpacks with security features made for commuting and travel. 

Product Features:

  • PROTECT YOUR BELONGINGS AT HOME OR ON THE GO This anti-theft backpack features a hidden zipper that keeps your belongings safe from wandering hands
  • CONVENIENT CHARGING PORT Included on this anti-theft backpack is a USB charging port that can keep your electronics charged up and ready to go on your trip
  • FASHIONED FROM WATERPROOF OXFORD FABRIC The strong Oxford fabric makes this anti-theft travel backpack for women and men a safe choice for traveling in inclement weather
  • LARGE CAPACITY This anti-theft travel backpack for women and men can hold up to 35 liters, letting you pack all of the essentials
  • INTERIOR ORGANIZATION Inside of this anti-theft backpack for men and women is a cell phone pocket and other interior zipper compartments for organizing smaller belongings

Whether you are traveling across the country or to a location that is entirely unfamiliar altogether, safety is paramount. Entering a space that you are not familiar with puts you in the middle of people that you also do not know well, and when you are a tourist, those people might be able to tell this and may try to take advantage of that fact and steal from you more easily. If you're heading out on a trip and need peace of mind that your belongings will be safe.

This Anti Theft Backpack for women and men will secure everything you need in a way that is nearly impossible for others to access.

Anti Theft Backpack Inside

The USB Charging Anti Theft Backpack has a specially designed hidden zipper that stays tucked away in the backpack in a location that only you know where to look to find it. Because of this, even if your bag is unattended and someone attempts to get inside of it, they won't know where to begin to start to do so.

Making the Backpack even more convenient is the included USB charger that will let you plug in your phone, music player, tablet and more so that you never have to worry about being stranded without a charge in a new location where you need your phone the most. The Anti Theft Backpack is fashioned out of heavy-duty oxford fabric that is known not only for its strength but also for being waterproof as well. The Inside of this anti-theft travel backpack is lined with equally as strong polyester material. The backpack has two soft, supportive backpack straps that help to evenly distribute the weight of what is inside to make it more comfortable to carry for long periods of time.

Protect your belongings from people and weather alike when you order the USB-Charging Anti-Theft Backpack today.


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