All In One Anti Theft Travel Backpack Exclusive ReDesign 2019

The New Anti Theft Backpack exclusive comfortable Multi-functional design for anyone. makes it feel 20-25% lighter. Features an integrated power bank USB port security pickpocket incidents, anti-theft zipper system for travel and daily use anywhere anytime. Comes with warranty and free shipping worldwide.


Throwing on a backpack means voluntarily giving up the ability to keep an eye on your possessions. That’s fine most of the time, but in a crowded space or major city, it can be an invitation for pickpockets. And we hate to break the news, but there are some 400,000 pickpocket incidents around the world every day.

The Anti Theft Backpack offers stylish peace of mind. Besides looking clean and modern, the Anti-Theft Backpack offers three key safety features. First, it sports a hidden zipper to the main compartment that’s completely concealed in the back of the bag. It also offers two hidden side pockets, meaning no thief could easily access your belongings.

Second, it’s built from cut-proof material so a knife or blade can’t easily slash it open. Finally, the illuminant bar allows for safe night travel.

Product Features:

  1. The integrated USB charging port
  2. Easy Access Pocket (For Card/Small Item storage)
  3. Illuminating safety strips
  4. Water repellent fabric
  5. Weight balance
  6. Luggage strap advanced storage design
  7. Adjustable open angles
  8. Hidden zipper closures
  9. Shock & Cut-proof material And more
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Exclusive Anti Theft Backpack -USB Charging Travel Friendly

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