This radian capacitive touch screen smartwatch with a host of features that make day-to-day life easier for both Android and iOS users. Stratified cutting techniques for the tempering glass monitor daily movement hart rate and style friendly smartwatch.

This device delivers the best of smartwatches with a host of features that make day-to-day life easier for both Android and iOS users. The smartwatch gives you a smooth way to use functions directly on the wrist while the mobile remains in the pocket. For example, you can easily use a calculator, view your calendar or manage calls. 

With pedometers, heart rate monitors and sleep analysis also acts as an activity bracelet, which makes the smart clock useful both at work and during training. With a well-designed metal design, the becomes a luxury accessory for the mobile! 

 - Robust and well constructed in metal 
- Compatible with both Android and iOS 
- Connects with Bluetooth V4.0 
- Wide range of features that give you information directly on the wrist
- Manage calls, see your calendar, use calculator and set reminder alarm 
- Displays mobile notifications such as incoming calls, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email etc. 
- Also acts as an activity bracelet with pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep analysis and calorie calculation 
- Notifies if the user has been sedentary for a long time 
- Can be used as a stopwatch 
- Built-in microphone 
- The charger is magnetically attached to the underside of the clock 
- Powerful battery with standby time of 120 hours 
- SIM and TF cards are placed in the same location 
- Support for up to 16GB of extra memory 
- Anti- theft protection 


Passometer Monitor Heart Rate Support Smartwatch for IOS Android

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